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All Types of Slime

All Types of Slime

All Types of Slime

Cloud, Fluffy, Puffy Bread, Slushie Beads, Butter, etc... it doesn't matter what your favorite kind of slime is, we have something to please almost anyone.


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All Types of Slime

All Types of Slime

Our store is now open.  For customized and made to order slimes please contact us through the Drop Us a Line.  We will respond within 48 hours. 


Quality Guaranteed

All Types of Slime

Quality Guaranteed

We take pride in our slimes.  Please see our Slime Help page, or contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.  

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Check out our first slime video.  You can view more slime videos on YouTube.

Slime Care and Tips



Slime Care Instructions 

WARNING- DO NOT EAT or Taste Slime  

Keep away from clothes, carpet, furniture, pets, and hair!

ONLY - use on hard surfaces 

Do Not use if allergic to Glue, Borax, scent, color, clay, etc…

Our products may contain or come in contact with the following items: Lotion, glue, essential oil, fragrance oil, laundry detergents (includes borax), common toiletries (such as face wash, shampoo, baby powder, cornstarch, etc),  and common craft items (such as glitters, foam, beads, clays, etc). If you have an allergy not listed above, please feel free to contact us and ask about it.

ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED:  Packages or products may contain small parts that could potentially be swallowed by young children or animals. Our products are not meant to be tasted, bitten, chewed, or digested in any way.


1. Put 1teaspoon of borax into 1 cup warm water

2. Mix until fully dissolved 

3. Slowly sprinkle borax mixture on the slime and mix in until not sticky

4. Save unused solution in a MARKED container for later use.


Slime Care & Tips

Tip #1

Always wash your hands before and after you play with your slime. You can add a bit of lotion to your hands if the slime too sticky to touch.

Tip #2

If your slime is still sticky, then add a little bit of activator to your slime. 

Tip #3

If it gets too hard or thick add a little bit of lotion or warm water to your slime.

Tip #4

If it gets too deflated add a little bit of shaving cream to your slime.

Tip #5

Slime will dry out and/or melt- keep your slime in an air tight container, away from direct sunlight so it can last longer and stays fresh when you play with it again.

Tip #6

Since slime is water-soluble it can easily be removed from fabric by washing it in your washing machine or carefully rubbing it out with a wet cloth. You can also try using rubbing alcohol or mix some vinegar and warm water together to wipe it off.